Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Weekly Rec's for February 7th to February 13th

This weeks rec's are up, so be sure to head over to the Weekly Rec's section of the blog to check them out. Don't forget to fill out the rec a fic form if you have something you'd like us to rec on our blog!

Also, since the next posting of rec's will be on Valentine's Day, we'd really love to get some rec's from you all for some great Valentine's Day fics or one shots. You can rec those to us via the rec a fic form or by emailing us at twinotebook@gmail.com

Monday, February 6, 2012

February Fics of the Month

The February 2012 Fics of the Month have been determined. The votes are in and the fics are now posted on our Fics of the Month page. Please make sure you head on over there and check them out.

Holiday Countdown!

The Notebook is launching it's first holiday countdown. We've decided to launch a countdown fic event for St. Patrick's Day. We have 15 picture prompts posted below for you to choose from to use as inspiration for your one shots. We'll be setting up a FF account for The Notebook and posting the one shots there and here on the blog starting on Sunday, March 11th and will post some of them each day through St. Patrick's Day.

We've created a page for the countdown on the blog, so head on over to the Holiday Countdown page to check out the details and sign up for our St. Patrick's Day countdown.