Holiday Countdown

Welcome to The Notebook's first holiday countdown. We've decided to launch a countdown fic event for St. Patrick's Day. We have 15 picture prompts posted below for you to choose from to use as inspiration for your one shots. We'll be setting up a FF account for The Notebook and posting the one shots there and here on the blog starting on Sunday, March 11th and will post some of them each day through St. Patrick's Day.

Want to sign up for the countdown? Click here to fill out the form.

So here are the rules for this thing:

  • One shots need to be emailed to NO LATER THAN March 10, 2012
  • Be sure to rate your one shot appropriately
  • All genres and pairings are welcome! Humor, romance, angst, horror, het, slash, canon, and noncanon....we love it all. 
  • Have your one shot beta'd. While this is a St. Patrick's Day one shot countdown and we're sure there will be some drunken fun in the stories, we don't want your piece looking like it was written while you were drunk. 
  • You may not post your one shot to your FF profile, blog, etc until St. Patrick's Day (March 17, 2012)
  • There is no minimum or maximum word count

Here are the picture prompts to choose from: