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June Author Spotlight: Edwards Eternal

The Notebook is pleased to announce it's June Author Spotlight. This month, we are featuring the amazing author Edwards Eternal. She has written four stories for the Twilight Fandom including: Awaken, and Snowbound. All of her stories are utterly amazing! The way in which her words are so carefully crafted together is beautiful, and the moment you start reading her writing you will find yourself immediately transported into the world of characters she has lovingly created and developed. If you haven't had a chance to Edwards Eternal's stories, I suggest you take a change and give them a read. You won't be sorry you did, and I guarantee you'll be just like the rest of us, sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to see what she comes up with next.

 Wanna get to know Edwards Eternal? Here's how you can...

We got the chance to ask Edwards Eternal some questions, here's what she had to say....

      The Notebook: What made you decide to start writing fanfic?
Edwards Eternal: I sorta fell into beta’ing with Sheviking by accident and one night I was a little brave and went hog wild on a chapter, adding to dialogue etc which I never did. The next day I wrote her to apologize and was shocked when she told me she loved what I added and to please do that again. She encouraged me to try and write something myself.  I scoffed. I could never write. A few months later Kitkat Cullen and I were chatting and I threw out an idea I had – she told me I should write it. It niggled and ran around my head and finally I started tapping away at my keyboard. A while later Simply Coffee was done and I sent it to KK just to read it. I had no intention of posting it, but it was in my head and I had to get it out. But she informed me if I didn’t post it she would never speak to me again.  After debating, I finally I showed it to Windchymes who promptly betaed it and insisted as well it be posted.  I don’t think I was ever as nervous as I was the first time I hit the enter button that took the story live. If it hadn’t been for Kitkat literally holding my hand for weeks it never would have happened. She is the one who really got my name out there. Without her I think Simply would have been one of those fics that just died a quiet death…

        TN: Which of your stories was your favorite to write?

EE: Simply coffee holds a special place in my heart. It was my first and the one that has a lot of my own life in it. Awaken flowed so well because the idea was so firm in my head and the characters so vivid.

TN: Who is your favorite character that you've written? Why?

EE: Probably Carlisle in Awaken.  Why? Really he is me, except with a penis. I am blunt, funny and sarcastic, but if you are my friend I am loyal to the end. Fiercely so.

TN: Who is your least favorite character that you’ve written? Why?

EE: Jacob in Snowbound. He is cold, nasty and so selfish. I have trouble relating to that so it’s hard to write.

TN: Do people in your RL know about your writing fanfic?

 EE: A few. Thanks to my hubs, more than I really wanted to know.

6. What is your greatest achievement so far?

EE: Actually starting and finishing a fic. Putting myself out there. I am very shy in real life and I found this highly intimidating. Even under an alias. I find writing very personal and to put it out there and wait for people’s reactions is at times stressful. My first bad review sent me into the corner weeping. I have gotten tougher.  
And frankly this right here is really cool.

7. Where do you get inspiration for your stories?

EE: Oh God. I see fics everywhere. I hear something or see something and BAM. I almost got run over in a parking lot a few weeks ago when an idea struck me as I watched a security camera watching me. I carry around a notebook and pen now and am constantly scribbling.  I had to leave a party once cause I had such a strong idea in my head and didn’t want to lose it. One of the best chapters in Awaken came out of that party.

8. Do you outline your stories before writing them, or do you plot them out as they go?
EE: They grow. I have a file I keep if ideas and things that need to be in the story. I usually know the beginning, some of the middle and always the end. In Snowbound I wrote the first few chapters then jumped to about chapter 30 and wrote backwards. It was highly confusing, but it was the only way I could get it to work. I don’t know if anyone else does that, but honestly, I don’t think I am normal.  In any respect.

TN: What are 5 things you want your fans to know about you?

 EE: My fans. Oh my. That sounds so… strange. Hmm…  not sure how to answer that.

 I want them to know...

That the thought I have “fans” makes me squeal in delight. In no way did I ever think that would happen.

That their love of my stories and their reviews, comments and theories mean more to me that they could possibly know and because of that I strive every story to make sure it is as good as it can be for them. Because they deserve it.  That they choose to read my work is something I consider a great honor.

That the people who help me behind the scenes- Kitkat Cullen, Windchymes, Sandy Swearingen and especially my beta Midnight Cougar mean more to me than words can express. MC  holds my hand, takes me off ledges and generally calls me on my bullshit weekly.  I would be lost without them.

That I plan on writing for a long while yet.

On a personal note nothing means more to me than family and friends and I love and guard both zealously. Oh and I swear – a lot.

TN:Who are some of your favorite fanfic authors?

EE: Oh God ,so many. Windchymes, Sheviking, Kitkat Cullen, Georgey Girl, Albee4U, Drotuno, Ireen H, Born on Halloween, The only Kyla, Reyes 139, Stephanie McNutty, Witchy Vampire Girl , Cara No, Shay,  Dream of the Endless,Princess Rachael ….really the list is long. And I have already missed so many in this short list.  There is so much talent on this site. So many remarkable authors. All with their own style and ways of drawing you in. There is so much fuss made about BNA vs lesser known authors. Their status means nothing. I read because their words move me – sometimes to laughter, sometimes to tears or anger, sometimes simply because. To me they are all amazing.

TN:  What are some of your favorite fics?  

EE: Oh another tough one! Blood Lines hands down favorite vamp fic ever. Anything by Windchymes is a fav. Same as Sheviking.  Drotuno.  Wide Awake is still a go to must reread fav. The Lost Boys which has been pulled is also a huge fav. Sorry there are just too many.

TN: What was the first fic you ever read?
EE: Wide Awake I think. Then MOTU. Both made me breathless. Blood Lines was in there somewhere and it blew my mind and became my alternate ending to the Twilight Saga.

TN: How did you get into fanfic?
EE: Totally by accident. I was on a group page and someone mentioned Wide Awake, I wondered what a fan fic was so I clicked the link…discovered an entire world I never knew existed… and haven’t looked back since.

TN: What story owns your ass right now?

EE:High Fidelity by Ireen H  is my drop everything and read it right now one.  Such a well written, self-destructing Edward. Highly intense.

TN: What color socks are you wearing?

EE: None. It’s hot and I had a pedicure the other day so my toes are pretty and sparkly. I don’t want to cover them up! They are pink and have swoops on the big toes if that counts.

TN: Why did the chicken cross the road?

EE: Cause Edward was there. Because that’s why I’d cross the road. Regardless of traffic.

TN: How do you find a needle in a haystack?

EE: A motherfucking metal detector

TN: Other than Edward, who is your favorite Cullen? Why? 

EE: Hmmm… Esme  maybe because of her strong caring nature.  Much like my own.

TN:  If you were Bella, how would you handle Edward’s leaving in New Moon?

EE: Much the same. My hubs and I split up while we were dating and it was the darkest time of my life. When I love its 110%. Luckily he was the same and we got back together and married soon after. That was 23 years ago.

TN:  How does Mr. Eternal deal with your writing? Has he read any of your stuff?

EE:  He is amazing. He teases me all the time about it but he is the one who bought me a new laptop with more memory and writing software on it. He read some of Simply, but none of the others. He isn’t much of a reader. He is however far too much of a talker and tells way too many people what I do. I have explained the worlds colliding theory to him, but …sigh… he still does it.

TN:  Of all your Edward’s which one are you most attracted to and which Bella best represents you?

EE:Wow – maybe Awaken’s Edward – so damaged, so vulnerable yet so wonderful and capable of such deep love.  And Bella? Probably Awaken also. I do tend to care for those around me – a lot.

TN: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

EE: If he was a big woodchuck , as much as he bloody well wanted. I’m not stopping him.

TN: If there was one thing you would change in either the Twilight books or movies, other than Edward leaving in New Moon, what would it be and why?

EE: The entire way Bella treated Jacob and Edward. She should never have encouraged Jacob and insisted on the ongoing friendship. Especially after the kiss. It hurt Edward on so many levels and he was always too patient with it.

TN:  What is the most memorable quote you’ve read in a fic? Why is it so memorable for you?

EE:Funnily enough in Wide Awake. When Bella has her meltdown in school and Edward knows he needs to reach her, but Esme is standing over her protecting her. And Edward says “The sight of her magnificence made me gasp. That is what a real mother looks like.”
It reminded me of my own mom who I lost years ago. She was glorious when she defended her children. And has always stuck with me.

TN: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to other people?

EE: Never let the people you love fail to know what they mean to you.  Always tell them . Always. Because you never know when it’s your last chance to do so.
Let love be the first reaction to everything.

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May Author Spotlight: Nyddi

The Notebook is pleased to announce it's May Author Spotlight. This month, we are featuring the amazing author Nyddi. She has written six stories for the Twilight Fandom including: Genesis and Broken Headboards, Power Panties, and Penis Charms. Both stories are utterly amazing! If you haven't had a chance to read them, I suggest you take a change and give them a read, along with Nyddi's other stories. You won't be sorry you did, and I guarantee you'll be just like the rest of us, sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to see what she comes up with next.

 Wanna get to know Nyddi? Here's how you can...

Twitter: @Nyddi

We got the chance to ask Nyddi some questions, here's what she had to say....

1. What made you decide to start writing fanfic?

I stumbled on Fanfics over 12 years ago back when I was beyond obsessed with Anime. It started with Sailor Moon. Quickly got sucked into Dragon Ball Z and all it’s delicious, bloody violence. And the big flexing muscles. Don’t forget those.

I discovered erotic fics through that. I read sex through fics before I even stumbled on romance novels. The funniest thing is that I actually quit writing all types of fics for years. Then Twilight came along and yeah. Got sucked in again. LOL

2. Which of your stories was your favorite to write?

Honestly? Right now any of my Twilight fics. I’ve been able to broaden my imagination and its reach and considering that I’m starting to throw my love of mythology in there, it’s getting even crazier. The crazier the plot, the hotter the love scenes, more fun for Nyddi ^_~

3. Who is your favorite character that you've written? Why?

Berserkward (Edward in Broken Headboards, Power Panties, & Penis Charms). Why? He’s insane, beyond horny, loves Bella to DEATH, and once again, is insane. There’s a reason he got his name :p

4. Who is your least favorite character that you’ve written? Why?

If I had to pick one, I would say Jacob in A Debt Repaid. He was beyond what I thought he would be and came very close to really hurting Bella in his insanity. I didn’t even plan for him to be that bad, it just happened on its own.

5. Do people in your RL know about your writing fanfic?

EVERYONE. LMFAO.  I am Nyddi in and out of the cyber world. I am Nidia in both worlds as well. Two names but the same person all around, and with that comes all the pervertedness, insanity, shamelessness, and anything else that has probably left you looking like this > O_o.

6. What do you feel has been your greatest achievement to date and what to you aspire to achieve in the future?

Finishing my first book “Blood Flows Deep in the Empire” in 3 ½ weeks while having a full time job and writing my fics has got to be my greatest achievement. I am still dealing with the residual exhaustion but it was something my fans encouraged me to just go for and I will forever be grateful to my girls for that.

I love you all so hard guys <3

7. Where do you get inspiration for your stories?

I honestly don’t know. Part insane hormones + part insane imagination. Two things I don’t really take credit for. My plots just explode in the back of my head like a supernova and then spiral out of control faster than I can even sometimes keep up with. Anyone close to me who has seen it happened usually has to scream “Woman, slow down!” or something to that effect LOL

8. Do you outline your stories before writing them, or do you plot them out as they go?

I used to just plot them out as I go and I’m sure some will continue to be written that way, but now that I’m heading towards publishing my first book I just have to outline them first. It truly does make writing them a lot easier when you get down to it.

9. What are 5 things you want your fans to know about you?

-I’m Nyddi no matter where I am. If you feel like the fandom is the only place you can be yourself, I’m so sorry and I wish the people in your real life could appreciate you 100% for who you are. Not that everyone accepts me, I just don’t give a damn ^_~

-I love my fans. I truly do. During my hardest moments in life (and I have a crazy one, trust me) you guys keep me going. You guys keep me writing. THANK YOU.

-I FLUV my son. Just had to throw that one in there because Lord help me, I love and truly fear mini-me.  LMFAO

-I truly believe women should hold out ‘till they find a man that loves them as much as Edward loves Bella. I am a huge romantic aching for love, but at the same time, I ache even more for women who settle for less.  Baby girls, you’re amazing. You deserve it all. Please learn to believe that. Muah!

-In case you didn’t know by now, I have NO verbal filter. NONE.

-I’m even odder in person. And God help the people who just happen to look in my window while I’m in front of my computer (plotting, writing, on Facebook/Twitter).

 10. Who are some of your favorite fanfic authors?

-Kiya Raven

11. What are some of your favorite fics?

 “Diva Diaries”- Kiya Raven
“A Beer With the Guys”- CaraNo
“Me and Mr. Cullen”- Catastrophia
“The Screamers”- Kiya Raven
“A Taste of Honey”- SoapyMayhem
“It’s a Sign”-CaraNo
“RePeat” -Reyes139
“Breaking Trinity” -VvDeadRosesvV (If you’re reading this, PLEASE UPDATE! I’m about to kidnap Snarlward! LOL)
“Hot Bubblegum” -SoapyMayhem

And many many others, but that list would take forever to finish :P

12. What was the first fic you ever read?

So long ago, I can’t remember the title. Definitely Sailor Moon. LOL

13. What story owns your ass right now?

 Gah! So many! Do I have to really name only one? *Pouts* Fine. “Diva Diaries” by Kiya Raven.

14. What color socks are you wearing?

Gray ma’am. Yes, I look sexy in gray. Don’t make me take a picture, I’ll prove it! *Threatening look*

15. Why did the chicken cross the road?

The chicken crossed the road because it had a six pack of beer. Not only did this six pack fuck with its equilibrium and make it impossible for it to talk straight, it also spiked its hormone levels. So when it was walking down the road, drunk as hell and horny, it just happened to look to its left. Across the street? Nyddi in lingerie. Of course, the chicken is a chicken and therefore would never have a chance with her but it was drunk and like human men, the alcohol made it foolish. It truly thought it had a chance. And then it tried to cross, cheesy pick-up line ready. Alas, the poor chicken didn’t make it. Big huge Mac truck came out of nowhere. Bye-bye chicken.

True story. Nyddi was on the other side of the road and she saw it happen!

16. How do you find a needle in a haystack?

You don’t look, period. Go to the damned store. Buy another one. Don’t give yourself the headache of searching that shit out, there’s stupid people all over the place. They’re enough of a headache as it is.

17. Other than Edward, who is your favorite Cullen? Why?

 Emmett. Um...must I really answer why? *Dehydrates*

18. If you were Bella, how would you handle Edward’s leaving in New Moon?

Oh, pretty much the same. Until the moment he came back. Seriously, she forgave him way too easily. What the fuck? I mean, I love Edward and I would’ve kept him in the end but a little bit of seductive agony would’ve been good for him!

19. When writing one of your famous lemons do you A. wear underwear or B. go a la nude?

I usually come home from work and jump in front of the computer, clothes and all. So most of the time, yes, I’m dressed. Poor pants and undies, it’s all I’m saying.

 20. How many batteries do you go through in a single writing session?

When I get sucked into a lemon, I hate giving that up. So I fight to write through the horniness as much as I can. Then, when I’ve snapped and can’t deal with no more, I jump in bed with the vibe. It’s also more economical on the batteries.

21. Do you like your men to wear boxers or briefs?
Either. As long as there’s a nice body there when I take those off. *Hint hint* ^_~

22. Out of all the characters you have written who do you connect with the most and why?

All of them and none of them at once. I give a little bit of myself to every character but considering that none of them have yet to fully snap and end up in a mental ward...yeah, I hold back a bit. LOL

23. What is the funniest review you have received to date and the one that made you tear up?

I’ve had some funny reviews. I LOVE my readers. But this one I just got for Genesis chap 83:

Well Damn...poor guy. Boy do I feel sorry for her girlie bits when they
finally get down to business. I think I feel more sorry for MY
girlie bits when they finally get down to business.  How's that for brutal

LMFAO!!! Killed me!

As for the one that teared me up? I’ve had a few of those, too. But this one here was one of the biggest compliments I’ve ever gotten and yes, I teared up everywhere at it :p

I cant remember if I ever reviewed your story, so here it is: You write the hottest lemons ever. I've read thousands of fics and one shots, and NO LEMON COMPARES TO YOURS. I've read them again and again, they're so fucking hot. Im not being nice. They are. I've had to change my panties about 20 times. I love how their bodies betray their attraction for each other.And to say the wait for chap 19 is killing me is an understatement. Edward's wet dream...UNGH. When he dreams she's fucking his abs, that is SO HOT. And when he fucks himself into oblivion afterwards...*change panties again*. I love that Bella was untouched before him. So pure but at the same time so fucking naughty. They are made for each other. And when she rides his face...hottest fellatio ever. Really. I also love how responsive she is to him. I bet he does too x) And chapter 6. NO.WORDS. How he fucked her even if she was a virgin, he tore her apart. And she loved him. AND IN VERSAILLES. When he cant stop himself and eats her in the freaking Queen's room. And he talks dirty to her in FRENCH. So.Hot. Nyddi, hands down, you write the best, hottest, panty dropping lemons EVER.

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Fic Rec for 4/25 through 5/1

This week, we have one fic rec submitted by a reader, and a few quick recs of our own to add as well. First up, is our reader submitted rec:

Title: Don't You Remember

Author: BellaClary

Rec: This is by BellaClary, and let me tell you..she loves angst! I love it as well which is why I am so incredibly taken by this fic! It has Bella getting married to Mike in two days and Edward showing up on the night of their rehearsal dinner. CHAOS ensues!!! There is so much longing and lust in Edward and Bella's conversations and touches and yet you are told there was a reason that it didnt work out. There is a reason that Edward LEFT Bella way back when! What is it you might ask!? Tell me, tell me?! She doesnt tell you until the 12th chapter and it is definitely worth the wait. It is nothing like you expected, I've noticed so many twists and turns in this short fic and I just love it. The emotions are palpable and the story is relate able. Mike is also the biggest asshole in the entire world and that always helps ;) Please check out this fic!

Now for a few quick rec's from Notebook Admins...

At Her Mercy by shadowed by passion

Hot Commodity by blueeyedcherry

My Blue Heaven by Cherrybombluv

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The Wordsmith Awards

The Wordsmith Awards

The Wordsmith Awards are The Notebook's way of honoring all of the amazing fics, authors, betas, and prereaders in the Twilight Fandom. The plan is for these awards become a regular event, with Spring 2012 being the first set of the awards. Our next set of awards has been tentatively scheduled for Winter 2012.

The awards open for nominations on May 1, with the last day for nominations being May 15. Voting begins on May 17 and closes on May 26. Winners will be announced on May 28.

Since there is still some time before nominations open, we'd like to invite you to take some time to look around The Wordsmith Awards blog, familiarize yourself with the rules and requirements for nominations, and start getting your lists together for the fics you would like to nominate once nominations open on May 1.

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Weekly Rec's 4/11 - 4/18

We need you! That's right you, there sitting in front of the computer...we need more fic recs from you guys. Make sure you fill out the Rec a Fic form (its on the right hand side of the blog). That way we'll have plenty of recs for you guys each week & month. Now...for this week's rec's We've decided to go the simple route, and compile a list of stories that we think are awesome and that you all should be checking out and giving a read.

Here are this week's rec's:

Come Closer by Chloe Masen

Summary: Isabella. The one woman Edward can't have. The one woman he doesn't dare claim. Does he? Is he strong enough to resist the forbidden? AH, OOC. *Rated M for sex, strong language, violence, and delicate subject matter.

Dark Goddess by Lissa Bryan 

Summary:  A free-spirited archaeologist & a shy,absent-minded genius find a 500 year old vampire who thinks she's a goddess.They try to sneak back to the US, teach her about the modern world, and try very, very hard not to fall in love with the Dark Goddess. OOC/AU

Genesis by Nyddi

Summary: One girl's soul holds the key to saving the entire human realm. Problem is, she is temptation incarnate. In comes the 'Unfallen', one of the last of his kind. He won't be keeping that status for long. ExB #Angelward #Drabble #Dark #Violent #Sexy

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April Fics of the Month

April had a good number of nominees for the Fics of the Month. It was a hard decision as can be seen by the poll results. We had a 3 way tie for third, so there are 5 Fics of the Month this time around. Now, without further are the April Fics of the Month!

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April Author Spotlight: TwiStarJunkie

The Notebook is pleased to announce it's April Author Spotlight. This month, we are featuring the amazing author TwiStarJunkie. She has written two stories for the Twilight Fandom: Crash and Burn, and Break Even. Both stories are utterly amazing! If you haven't had a chance to read them, I suggest you take a change and give them a read, you won't be sorry you did, and I guarantee you'll be just like the rest of us, sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to see what she comes up with next.

 Wanna get to know TwiStarJunkie? Here's how you can...

FF Profile
Twitter: @TwiStarJunkie

We got the chance to sit down and chat with TwiStarJunkie for a little bit and she was kind enough to answer some questions for us. Here's what she had to say...

The Notebook: What made you decide to start writing fanfic?

TwiStarJunkie: Oh man, when Twilight rolled around, it literally had it's wicked way with me, and I just laid back and let it happen LOL. I was sucked in, and before I knew it, I was a fanfiction h00r. Then plot bunnies began making themselves known and the rest is history ;)

TN: Which of your stories was your favorite to write?

TSJ: Wow, that's a really hard one, and I only have two!! I guess I could call them both faves for different reasons. Break Even flowed out of me because it involved things from my past and it was almost like some weird sort of therapy...WOW I don't sound psycho *insert sarcasm*

 Crash & Burn, which is what talks to me the most now, is so much more challenging as it deals with very complicated and troubling issues and is something I actually live through every day.

 You asked which one, and I picked both so I didn't really answer the question, did I? *bites nails*


 TN: Who is your favorite character that you've written? Why?

 TSJ: Definitely Addictward from Crash & Burn. While he annoys the ever loving shit out of me each night by chanting in my ear to write *grumbles*, I can't help but love him. He's so broken and in need of a shoulder, and a hug, that my heart just goes out to him. There's still good in him, and it's going to be my biggest challenge yet to completely bring it out. That and he's not only tattooed, but he's pierced and HOT AS HELL...who wouldn't want to write him LOL

 TN: Who is your least favorite character that you’ve written? Why?

 TSJ: James from Break Even. He's a sick son of a bitch, and I absolutely LOATHE writing him. I literally cannot wait to close that part of the story so I don't have to write from his POV anymore. To narrate from his POV really brings me into a dark frame of mind and it's extremely unsettling. BUT every story, well almost every story, has their villains.

 From Crash & Burn, it would have to be Alice.

TN: Do people in your RL know about your writing fanfic?

TSJ: My mother does as I've mentioned it to her, but she hasn't read any of it. She tends to be very close minded and dare I say...prude? *snickers* DEFINITELY not someone who should be reading my material LOL. My best friend, Clare, also knows and has read it. She actually wrote Lord of the Rings fanfiction with me back in the day, and although she's a Twilight fan, she hates the movies and the fact that Rob & Kristen played Edward & Bella. Believe me, I've had many fights with her over THAT subject *lights up a smoke* And then there's my hubby. He's read Break Even, but not Crash & Burn. He doesn't even know the latter exists. He's very inquisitive after reading my lemons as well...asking why I write it in so much detail, if it comes from past experiences, if it's something I fantasize about....MEN! Do I answer him, no...its much more fun to let him drive himself crazy thinking of the possibilities BWHAHAHAHAHA

TN: What is your greatest achievement so far?

 TSJ: The amount of attention Crash & Burn has received, and the number of readers both Crash & Burn and Break Even have attracted. I never thought when I began posting these stories that it would turn into what it is now. Blows my mind!

TN: Where do you get inspiration for your stories?

TSJ:  I mainly draw from personal experiences. To me, it makes it not only easier, but more relatable when you're pulling from real life experiences deep inside. You've got the emotion that just spills out onto the page, and, for me at least, it's almost like a release that leaves me feeling relieved in the end. Music plays a pretty heavy role too. I could be driving along, hear a song and BAM! I'm ramming the car in front of me because a plot bunny has attacked!

TN: Do you outline your stories before writing them, or do you plot them out as they go?

 TSJ: Seriously? This is hilarious...okay, see, I outline every story, BUT I hardly ever stick to it. What sounds like a great idea when I'm outlining turns into something else as the story progresses. I've also learned that even though I can summarize what I want to happen in each chapter, the characters always get carried away and what was supposed to be one chapter, turns into four or five. ESPECIALLY in Break Even. I completely had to chunk the outline because Edward and Bella just couldn't get their hands off of each other once they had a taste.

TN: What are 5 things you want your fans to know about you?

 TSJ: *clears throat and bites at nails* hmmm...*fixes hair and blushes* I'm a Starbucks addict.

 I pencil sketch people when I'm not writing.

Uhm...I have a major problem with jelly beans. I literally eat a whole bag in one freaking sitting...Jelly Belly has made a fortune off of me, I think it's time they start giving me a percentage of their profits!!

 I can drink most men under a table *face palm*.

 I LOATHE the sound of styrofoam and bubble wrap.

TN: Who are some of your favorite fanfic authors?

 TSJ: Wow, there's a lot but I'll just name a few...theonlykyla, bnjwl, catastrophia, edwardsbloodtype, lvtwilight,

TN: What are some of your favorite fics?

 TSJ: Well if i include the WIP that I'm currently reading, this could go on forever so I'll just list the completed fics:

The Office, The Red Line, Edward Wallbanger, Dear Mr. Masen, Wild, Discovering You Discovering Me, Loner, High Anxiety, Please Rescue Me, The List and I LOVE O/S too!

TN: What was the first fic you ever read?

 TSJ: Something Lord of the Rings, BUT from the Twi fandom, it was The Office and The Red Line...I read them both at the same time

TN: How did you get into fanfic?

TSJ: I can blame Lord of the Rings for got me hooked years ago

 TN: What story owns your ass right now?

 TSJ: Stolen Secrets and Shattered Dreams by FoxxyJ... she has completely sucked me in. Also, Metal Pointe by Bnjwl and theonlykyla... my heart is completely broken for Edward and Bella and all they've had to endure :(

TN:  What color socks are you wearing?

 TSJ:  Umm...*looks around* None

TN:. Why did the chicken cross the road?  

TSJ: I don't freaking know! Why is everyone so worried about the damn chicken anyhow? It's going to give the poor thing a complex, then we'll have a weird, brooding chicken...and I'm going to shut the hell up LOL

TN: How do you find a needle in a haystack?

TSJ: Promise $5  and ice cream to whichever of my two kids finds it first ;D

TN: Where do you get the inspiration for your characters? Like do they just spontaneoulsy come to you or do you see something and it inspires you to write?

TSJ: Most of the time, it starts with a song I've heard to inspire the fic. I then draw from that and usually visuals begin to seep in. It's always Edward and Bella in my mind, but usually their characters are reflections of people that either were or are in my life

TN: If you had to choose, which would be your favorite 'ward that you write?

TSJ: Right now, I'm loving Addictward. There's just something about a rugged, broken, tattooed and pierced Edward.

 I mean, I love Break Even's Edward...he's the epitomy of sweet and loving and exactly what Bella needs, but he's just not BAD enough, ya know?

TN: How do you write; to music, with RL background noise or in silence?

TSJ: With music in the background, cigarette in hand, and a glass of wine on the table ;D

TN: Do you prefer boxers, briefs or free-balling on your men/Edwards?

TSJ: Break Even---definitely boxer briefs

Crash & Burn's Addictward? --Free ballin' all the fucking way!!

TN: What's the biggest misconception that people might have about your Addictward?

TSJ: That he's unredeemable because of his lifestyle combined with the drug addiction. With the right help, anyone can change.

TN: Favorite book of the Twilight Saga series and why?

TSJ: I would have to say Eclipse HANDS DOWN. The Leg Hitch and the whole Edward kidnapping Bella...I mean *fans self*  Really though, in Eclipse, Edward was more comfortable and open about things with Bella and we saw them really begin to take shape as a normal couple....well as normal as they can be

TN: Favorite character from the books besides Edward/Bella and ?why?

TSJ: Charlie. I freaking love Charlie. He reminds me so much of my own father. Emmett isn't far behind tho ;)

TN: Have you read/seen The Hunger Games and if so are you Team Gale or Team Peeta?

TSJ: No, and I am SO ashamed!!!! I want to read it so badly but between writing, beta'ing, and taking care of things at home, I literally have NO TIME

TN: Cupcakes or Doughnuts?

TSJ: Wow...I've been reading WAY too much fanfiction apparently. The first thought I had upon reading this question was a visual of a doughnut on Robward's *coughs* well you get the point! I need a cigarette! And a quick trip to Krispy Kreme...STAT!