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April Author Spotlight: TwiStarJunkie

The Notebook is pleased to announce it's April Author Spotlight. This month, we are featuring the amazing author TwiStarJunkie. She has written two stories for the Twilight Fandom: Crash and Burn, and Break Even. Both stories are utterly amazing! If you haven't had a chance to read them, I suggest you take a change and give them a read, you won't be sorry you did, and I guarantee you'll be just like the rest of us, sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to see what she comes up with next.

 Wanna get to know TwiStarJunkie? Here's how you can...

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Twitter: @TwiStarJunkie

We got the chance to sit down and chat with TwiStarJunkie for a little bit and she was kind enough to answer some questions for us. Here's what she had to say...

The Notebook: What made you decide to start writing fanfic?

TwiStarJunkie: Oh man, when Twilight rolled around, it literally had it's wicked way with me, and I just laid back and let it happen LOL. I was sucked in, and before I knew it, I was a fanfiction h00r. Then plot bunnies began making themselves known and the rest is history ;)

TN: Which of your stories was your favorite to write?

TSJ: Wow, that's a really hard one, and I only have two!! I guess I could call them both faves for different reasons. Break Even flowed out of me because it involved things from my past and it was almost like some weird sort of therapy...WOW I don't sound psycho *insert sarcasm*

 Crash & Burn, which is what talks to me the most now, is so much more challenging as it deals with very complicated and troubling issues and is something I actually live through every day.

 You asked which one, and I picked both so I didn't really answer the question, did I? *bites nails*


 TN: Who is your favorite character that you've written? Why?

 TSJ: Definitely Addictward from Crash & Burn. While he annoys the ever loving shit out of me each night by chanting in my ear to write *grumbles*, I can't help but love him. He's so broken and in need of a shoulder, and a hug, that my heart just goes out to him. There's still good in him, and it's going to be my biggest challenge yet to completely bring it out. That and he's not only tattooed, but he's pierced and HOT AS HELL...who wouldn't want to write him LOL

 TN: Who is your least favorite character that you’ve written? Why?

 TSJ: James from Break Even. He's a sick son of a bitch, and I absolutely LOATHE writing him. I literally cannot wait to close that part of the story so I don't have to write from his POV anymore. To narrate from his POV really brings me into a dark frame of mind and it's extremely unsettling. BUT every story, well almost every story, has their villains.

 From Crash & Burn, it would have to be Alice.

TN: Do people in your RL know about your writing fanfic?

TSJ: My mother does as I've mentioned it to her, but she hasn't read any of it. She tends to be very close minded and dare I say...prude? *snickers* DEFINITELY not someone who should be reading my material LOL. My best friend, Clare, also knows and has read it. She actually wrote Lord of the Rings fanfiction with me back in the day, and although she's a Twilight fan, she hates the movies and the fact that Rob & Kristen played Edward & Bella. Believe me, I've had many fights with her over THAT subject *lights up a smoke* And then there's my hubby. He's read Break Even, but not Crash & Burn. He doesn't even know the latter exists. He's very inquisitive after reading my lemons as well...asking why I write it in so much detail, if it comes from past experiences, if it's something I fantasize about....MEN! Do I answer him, no...its much more fun to let him drive himself crazy thinking of the possibilities BWHAHAHAHAHA

TN: What is your greatest achievement so far?

 TSJ: The amount of attention Crash & Burn has received, and the number of readers both Crash & Burn and Break Even have attracted. I never thought when I began posting these stories that it would turn into what it is now. Blows my mind!

TN: Where do you get inspiration for your stories?

TSJ:  I mainly draw from personal experiences. To me, it makes it not only easier, but more relatable when you're pulling from real life experiences deep inside. You've got the emotion that just spills out onto the page, and, for me at least, it's almost like a release that leaves me feeling relieved in the end. Music plays a pretty heavy role too. I could be driving along, hear a song and BAM! I'm ramming the car in front of me because a plot bunny has attacked!

TN: Do you outline your stories before writing them, or do you plot them out as they go?

 TSJ: Seriously? This is hilarious...okay, see, I outline every story, BUT I hardly ever stick to it. What sounds like a great idea when I'm outlining turns into something else as the story progresses. I've also learned that even though I can summarize what I want to happen in each chapter, the characters always get carried away and what was supposed to be one chapter, turns into four or five. ESPECIALLY in Break Even. I completely had to chunk the outline because Edward and Bella just couldn't get their hands off of each other once they had a taste.

TN: What are 5 things you want your fans to know about you?

 TSJ: *clears throat and bites at nails* hmmm...*fixes hair and blushes* I'm a Starbucks addict.

 I pencil sketch people when I'm not writing.

Uhm...I have a major problem with jelly beans. I literally eat a whole bag in one freaking sitting...Jelly Belly has made a fortune off of me, I think it's time they start giving me a percentage of their profits!!

 I can drink most men under a table *face palm*.

 I LOATHE the sound of styrofoam and bubble wrap.

TN: Who are some of your favorite fanfic authors?

 TSJ: Wow, there's a lot but I'll just name a few...theonlykyla, bnjwl, catastrophia, edwardsbloodtype, lvtwilight,

TN: What are some of your favorite fics?

 TSJ: Well if i include the WIP that I'm currently reading, this could go on forever so I'll just list the completed fics:

The Office, The Red Line, Edward Wallbanger, Dear Mr. Masen, Wild, Discovering You Discovering Me, Loner, High Anxiety, Please Rescue Me, The List and I LOVE O/S too!

TN: What was the first fic you ever read?

 TSJ: Something Lord of the Rings, BUT from the Twi fandom, it was The Office and The Red Line...I read them both at the same time

TN: How did you get into fanfic?

TSJ: I can blame Lord of the Rings for got me hooked years ago

 TN: What story owns your ass right now?

 TSJ: Stolen Secrets and Shattered Dreams by FoxxyJ... she has completely sucked me in. Also, Metal Pointe by Bnjwl and theonlykyla... my heart is completely broken for Edward and Bella and all they've had to endure :(

TN:  What color socks are you wearing?

 TSJ:  Umm...*looks around* None

TN:. Why did the chicken cross the road?  

TSJ: I don't freaking know! Why is everyone so worried about the damn chicken anyhow? It's going to give the poor thing a complex, then we'll have a weird, brooding chicken...and I'm going to shut the hell up LOL

TN: How do you find a needle in a haystack?

TSJ: Promise $5  and ice cream to whichever of my two kids finds it first ;D

TN: Where do you get the inspiration for your characters? Like do they just spontaneoulsy come to you or do you see something and it inspires you to write?

TSJ: Most of the time, it starts with a song I've heard to inspire the fic. I then draw from that and usually visuals begin to seep in. It's always Edward and Bella in my mind, but usually their characters are reflections of people that either were or are in my life

TN: If you had to choose, which would be your favorite 'ward that you write?

TSJ: Right now, I'm loving Addictward. There's just something about a rugged, broken, tattooed and pierced Edward.

 I mean, I love Break Even's Edward...he's the epitomy of sweet and loving and exactly what Bella needs, but he's just not BAD enough, ya know?

TN: How do you write; to music, with RL background noise or in silence?

TSJ: With music in the background, cigarette in hand, and a glass of wine on the table ;D

TN: Do you prefer boxers, briefs or free-balling on your men/Edwards?

TSJ: Break Even---definitely boxer briefs

Crash & Burn's Addictward? --Free ballin' all the fucking way!!

TN: What's the biggest misconception that people might have about your Addictward?

TSJ: That he's unredeemable because of his lifestyle combined with the drug addiction. With the right help, anyone can change.

TN: Favorite book of the Twilight Saga series and why?

TSJ: I would have to say Eclipse HANDS DOWN. The Leg Hitch and the whole Edward kidnapping Bella...I mean *fans self*  Really though, in Eclipse, Edward was more comfortable and open about things with Bella and we saw them really begin to take shape as a normal couple....well as normal as they can be

TN: Favorite character from the books besides Edward/Bella and ?why?

TSJ: Charlie. I freaking love Charlie. He reminds me so much of my own father. Emmett isn't far behind tho ;)

TN: Have you read/seen The Hunger Games and if so are you Team Gale or Team Peeta?

TSJ: No, and I am SO ashamed!!!! I want to read it so badly but between writing, beta'ing, and taking care of things at home, I literally have NO TIME

TN: Cupcakes or Doughnuts?

TSJ: Wow...I've been reading WAY too much fanfiction apparently. The first thought I had upon reading this question was a visual of a doughnut on Robward's *coughs* well you get the point! I need a cigarette! And a quick trip to Krispy Kreme...STAT!

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